Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Website Review- India Circus By Krsna Mehta

You know what the best part about finally marrying your one true love is?
You start living together (which leads to)> New home> You get to do it up just the way you want!

I mean yes, I LOVE my house (not ever going to call it my parents') But it is a mish mash of all our aesthetic sensibilities.
I come from a house of people with very strong personalities and tastes, not all the same!
So while my parents AND brother are big fans of Mies Van Der Rohe 's philosophy of Less is More and Minimalism, (and I get it from them, believe me)
My house, you'll see is a fusion of modern, clean spaces, sharp lines, lots of white and glass and light, open spaces, but exquisite hand crafted walnut furniture from the gorgeous valley of Kashmir! (You HAVE to see the intricate carving!! My study table looks like a jewel in itself! I mean, its all beyond gorgeous) I don't know how, but it totally works!
Oh I digressed!
My point is- My mum would probably flip if I got a hairy purple carpet here!
But at my place, that was the first thing I brought home!!

Needless to say I started browsing websites that focused on home decor more than beauty products! (guilty! But hey! architect!!) So obviously I was thrilled to try out the India Circus' service when I heard from them.

I chose to get that lamp above for my drawing room from India Circus.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Website Review :

So, now that you know I'm married to an army officer and we get posted to well.. some of the most precious yet (excuse my lack of vocabulary) godforsaken places! Now, at places like such, you can't really expect them to open you a health and glow! Yes, Hyd, I miss you much, much!! I mean, I am loving it here! I'm an army brat after all. I've lived in places like Harchura so Bareilly is no biggie! But then again, I was in 2nd standard back then with no interest in makeup, so. And while I do own enough makeup to last me a lifetime, how can I not want to try the new stuff in the market out? So when I failed to find the L'Oreal Shine caresse gloss stains that everyone and their dogs were raving about, I decided to resort to shopping online! Actually, with 1 Pantaloons, 1 Westside in Bareilly, with a lot of stuff unavailable, Online shopping seems to be my only option! Unless we talk about the out of this world gorgeous embroidered sarees and suits here! Brilliant craftsmanship!! I am in LOVE with Parsi work!! (Yea, so a wedding din't make me obsessed, but this army wife life with extra exposure to such stuff taught me to tell Parsi work from Chickan!!)

New Life, New Place, Life After Marriage - An Update and Lots of Pictures

THE Wedding!
I've been gone since the start of Feb! Remember me?
I ran off to get married (not really!) and then on a loong honeymoon and more of a vacation then back to real life, but a completely different one at that and a vacation again! (well, almost!)!

Those of you who follow me on instagram, twitter and/or Facebook are definitely getting updates from me from time to time, and for the rest of you all.. here I am..
Sitting in my bed, feeling a little unwell and taking a break from the hectic-ness I call life nowadays!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

L'Oreal Kajal Magique Swatches, Review, FOTD

 The one sure shot thing that comes with being a bride is everyone giving you compliments and every woman in the room rushing to put 'kajal ka kala tika' behind your ears! So when I was sent this, it was almost like the guys from L'Oreal India did so to ward off the 'nazar' (evil eye)- so said my colleague! haha.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maybelline Lip Polish Review Swatches, FOTD

That I'm someone who can't multitask to save her life is no secret. But the fact that I love products that multitask or people who do totally intrigue me might be one. But these 2 in 1 things sort of disappointed me usually. Shampoo + Conditioner (Lol, wha?!), Oil + Shampoo! (I mean, either one is cutting the point of other. How are you getting the dual benefit?! Yah! Ididn'tthinkso). Cronuts (OMG Cronuts!! Never had one. Totally want one. Just one. 2 of my favourite things they are, no denying that. That's why they are to be eaten separately for double the awesomeness!! Besides, is it just me who thinks it kinds looks gross?)  So when I heard of this "ultimate lip potion" (and forever being on the hunt of a super pigmented lipgloss), I decided to give it a whirl!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

L'Oréal Paris Presents - Kajal Magique

 Line your eyes with a stroke of sheer magic

L'Oréal Paris launches Kajal Magique – the first ever Kajal from the brand